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Fitness expert shares latest trends in sports and fitness equipment

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Spring means most people are ready to get active after a long winter indoors. One of the nation's top sports and fitness experts is in studio to discuss the latest sports and fitness studies and to show off some of the new fitness trends and gear that will be hitting the market in the coming months

Mike May is a nationally renowned expert on sporting goods trends from the SFIA, the top trade group that represents the sports and fitness industry and regularly releases studies identifying changes sports and fitness trends.

The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) supports companies and promotes a healthy environment for the sporting goods industry by providing access to insight, information, influence and industry connections. SFIA enhances industry vitality and fosters sports, fitness and active lifestyle participation. More than 750 sporting goods & fitness brands, manufacturers, retailers and marketers in the industry.

Some of the more creative new products in sports and fitness include

1.) The Burn Machine from Burn Machine -- A device which is a combination of a portable punching bag (that a boxer uses) and a hand weight. It's portable and gives you a great upper body workout.

2.) Youtek Graphene Speed Pro tennis racquet - This tennis racquet from Head is the racquet of choice for current tennis great Novak Djokovic. This is a racquet for any player looking for a better combination of power, control, and feel.

3.) SportCount -- A handy-dandy ring-sized lap counter which is good for walkers, runners, and enables you to calculate (1) your total number of laps in the workout; (2) the average lap speed; (3) fastest lap; (4) and total time.

4.) Ultimate Power Bell -- A 20 lb. adjustable hand weight that will help improve your total body strength and cardiovascular fitness.

5.) Fitness Watch from Reebok - This accessory tracks your time in motion, calories burned, and can calculate your speed, number of steps taken, and distance


6.) Running Shoes from New Balance -- These shoes are made in the USA with multiple widths, multiple sizes, and multiple models. These shoes have the ultimate combination of shock-absorbing qualities while providing comfort, stability, and balance for the participant. Roughly 40 million Americans are categorized as runners/joggers.

7.) MLB Prime Baseball Bats from Louisville Slugger - This is the FIRST time that Louisville Slugger has offered the same highest quality wood bats to consumers! These bats are made of the highest quality maple. The wood is vacuum dried and the unique compression process gives the bat 360 degrees of hardness.

8.) 195 Ankle Brace from McDavid - Injury prevention is a major theme in sports right now and ankle sprains are the most common injury. Wearing an ankle brace means you are three times less likely to injure your ankle. These are worn by athletes of all ages and abilities. This ankle brace is made to complement the natural movements of the body for any athlete.

9.) Stealth Core Baseball/Softball Batting Glove from Easton - In baseball and softball, a strong grip is the foundation of a good at-bat! The glove is made of smooth cabretta leather, which enhances your grip and feel. The adjustable neoprene wristband gives you a secure and comfortable fit….as if the glove is a natural extension of the hand. Good for baseball, softball, hockey, and lacrosse.

10.) Weighted Agility Glove from Draz Athletics -- This mult-sport training glove is designed to increase the strength of the muscles in your fingers, hands, wrists, and forearm. The weights are positioned on the back of your hand and along the fingers.

11.) Kwik Golf -- It's a game that involves the basic golf swing along with fitness, i.e. running. The holes are above ground -- about 2 feet in diameter. You can have either a 3-hole, 6-hole, or 9-hole setup. It's perfect for a summer camp or a PE class. You can play it on any open area of grass -- on a football field, on baseball outfield, in a park or in your backyard. No experience necessary to play and to enjoy.

And there's much, much more.

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