LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- You can add medicine and treating patients to the curriculum at Moore Traditional High School.  The school has its own sports medicine program and its own medical wing; the goal is to get students to consider healthcare as a career after high school.

Students there are not just playing doctor.

"Like before this, I had no idea that I interest in the medical field, and now I do and it has just really made a difference," says Chad Smith, Moore High School Senior.

The lab coats, the needles are all part of the curriculum at Moore.  Smith says, "We have an opportunity to work with a doctor and also our athletic trainer, we get to work with him."

Smith is one of about 150 students in Moore's sports medicine program, it helped him decide what he wants to do after high school.  "Now, I am looking into going into EMS and I eventually want to become a paramedic and I am going to become an EMT first," says Smith.

The program is in its third year, and has put Moore High School on the radar of students across the city.

"Our goal is to get kids ready for the career, to expose them to real time opportunities," says Tim Amshoff, Sports Medicine Teacher.  "Honestly, we have kids from all over the county that want to come to our program."

Amshoff has a background in sports training and runs the program, he says it is growing every year.  "Within the last year we have been able to add programs for next year -- Phlebotomy, EKG techs, pharmacy techs."

It's a serious career choice that can save lives, and students are reminded often.  "This is absolutely serious and we remind our kids to keep their focus," says Amshoff.

The Moore healthcare students have a pretty big homework assignment this weekend. On Saturday, they'll actually work the finish line at the mini-marathon. 

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