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POV: If I Ruled the World (4/30/13)

Very little serious news ever seems to happen during Derby Week, so now seems like a good time to play another round of "If I ruled the world. 

First of all, if I ruled the world I'd make sure all cyclists understood that the line that separates bike paths from motorized traffic lanes isn't where they're supposed to ride their bikes. That's the boundary of the bike lane. What's so hard about staying between that line and the edge of the road? 

Those lanes were created because cyclists rightfully demanded a safe place to ride.  So why won't they stay in it?

If I ruled the world people who leave comments on Internet message boards would have to use their real names to do so.  I'm all for the Internet serving as an open forum for everyone's opinions. But the constant ugliness, profanity and malicious attacks posted by cowards hiding behind pseudonyms contribute nothing to any intelligent discussion.

And finally, if I ruled the world, anyone wanting to own a dog would first have to take a test to prove they understand all the responsibilities that come with pet ownership.  As it is, far too many people are clueless in that regard.  And because of them, the Big Four Bridge is now, sadly, off limits to all dogs -- even the ones with responsible owners.

What would you do if you ruled the world?  Call and tell us.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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