LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Normally, people who call 911 to report emergencies are hailed as heroes and often save lives, but police say that wasn't what happened in the case of one Louisville man.

He allegedly called 911 multiple times to report emergencies. Police say there was only one problem: there were no emergencies.

According to an arrest warrant, 30-year-old Melvin Wilson called 911 on three separate occasions to report fires or explosions that never took place.

On Feb. 5, he allegedly called 911 to report a meth lab explosion that he claimed to have witnessed.

Police say the following day, on Feb. 6, he called 911 to report that he was trapped in his own basement while his house was on fire.

On April 15, he allegedly called 911 to report another house fire.

Police say all of these turned out to be false reports. None of the emergencies ever took place -- but that didn't stop the Louisville Fire Department from responding with multiple crews.

"When the crews responded to the false scenes, it placed the firefighters at risk and pulled the crews away from any real emergencies that may have occurred within the district," the arrest warrant states.

Authorities say Wilson reported the false incidents "maliciously." He was arrested Tuesday afternoon and charged with wanton endangerment and falsely reporting an incident, according to police.

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