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POV: No, I Don't Really Hate Bicyclists (5/2/13)

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No, I Don't Really Hate Bicyclists (5/2/13)

I apparently ruffled some feathers with my recent comment regarding cyclists who refuse to respect bike path boundaries when sharing the road with cars.  One person accused me of "always taking the side of motorists" and "generalizing cyclists as rule-breakers," while another insisted I was "condoning assault on cyclists."

But none of that is true.

My contention was that some cyclists – not all – jeopardize everyone's safety, especially their own, by riding their bikes outside clearly-marked bike lanes many times for no good reason. 

I never said there aren't often good reasons to do so.  For instance, on streets where curb lanes are crowded with parked cars, the danger of running into a suddenly-opened door makes the bike lane a dangerous place indeed.  But that doesn't mean bike path boundaries shouldn't still be respected when there aren't extenuating circumstances.

I own a bike myself and ride it a lot.  And if you've followed my editorials for very long, you'd know that I've often taken the side of cyclists against careless motorists.  But anyone who contends that irresponsible cyclists don't exist is either oblivious to reality or obsessed with an agenda that won't be complete until all cars are abandoned in the name of noble virtue.  

I have no problem with people disagreeing with me.  But when you do, please – take me to task for what I said. Not for what you think I said.

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