LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Even the wet, rainy weather on Derby day couldn't put a damper on the Derby fashions that some people spent weeks preparing.

"I'm not changing my outfit because of the rain," said John King.

"Whether it rains or not, we knew our Derby fashion would be Number One," said Ashley Hooper. She bought her dress on sale last year, and started making her hat about a week ago. Her boyfriend perfectly matched.

With bright colors and sky-high shoes, the bar was set high for the ladies.

"Look at the ladies here, I got to hang with them, I have to keep with the fashion," said Louisville resident Jennifer Schembari.

But some guys went traditional.

"I've got the seersucker suit, the hat, the bow tie, all the traditional Derby clothes." said King.

Others were living on the wild side. Like Dominic Foster, who bought his outfit to match his turquoise mohawk.

"We found out a day before that we were going to the Derby so we went to the mall and found an outfit that matched the hair."

But the real trend in fashion this year at Churchill is water resistant.

"Spend about $400 on an outfit and cover it with a 50-cent poncho," said Tammy Taylor.

"We have our ponchos in our under-12-inch purse," said Schembari.

They came in every color, pattern, and style, with some even representing their favorite team.

"They are great, they are designer ponchos," said Mark Ellerman.

But for at least one Derby-goer, her fashion statement came in the form of a brand new diamond ring.

"I don't think there is any better place but the Kentucky Derby to propose," said Mark Edwards.

And even with the rain, Mark and his lucky bride feel lucky in love.

"I think we could lose every race today and it is still going to be a great day. It's still going to be a win," said Edwards.

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