LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- If you've ever been in the infield at Churchill Downs during the Kentucky Derby, you probably know it can get pretty wild and Saturday's rain added to that atmosphere.

"It would be nice if there wasn't so much wetness but you just live with it," said Jean Douglas.

"People just adapt. People love it and embrace it. And that's the important thing. They really just let go and have a good time," Nathan Jarvis told WDRB.

The people seemed to be in good spirits despite the constant rain.

"You've just got to have one of those mint juleps get into you and you'll be just fine," said Douglas.

Vendors even stayed busy, serving drinks to soaking wet customers.

"Sales haven't been that bad. The crowd seems to be getting in with it. They understand it's raining so they know either they can not have a good time or I can have a good time and let loose," said Jason Payton, an infield Vendor.

And let loose they did.

There was mud sliding and dancing. In fact, some people were oblivious there was even a horse race going on.

We asked Jarvis if he had seen a horse after being at Churchill all day.

"No, but I smell them," he said.

In the infield, you have to find creative ways to keep dry. WDRB's Emily Mieure found a poncho while interviewing people. Most others took shelter under makeshift tarps.

"The derby is a beautiful place. It's somewhere you can come and let God's rain, rain down on you. It may make you depressed and sad but you come up and rise out of the ground and have a good time," said Robert Wessell, a Louisville native.

Wessell and his friends may not have been trying to keep dry but as the rain kept falling, it made things difficult for our crew.

They borrowed paper towels to keep the lens dry and covered the camera with ponchos.

It wasn't glamorous but fun nonetheless.

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