LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Thousands of people flocked to the city for the Kentucky Derby, and all across the city they probably saw the Home Town Hero banners with the names and faces of famous Louisvillians.

Despite the numerous Home Town Hero banners visitors had the chance to see, the face of Hunter S. Thompson was one face that they didn't have the chance to admire hanging high in downtown Louisville.

Now there's a growing movement to change the status of the missing tribute some say Thompson desperately deserves despite his sometimes controversial legacy.

Thompson looms large over the world of literature. His books have sold millions of copies all over the world, two of which were the basis for major Hollywood movies, and he founded a new style of journalism, called "Gonzo."

But his legacy remains controversial. Along with his numerous literary accomplishments, Hunter led a hard charging lifestyle of guns, drugs, and alcohol. And he was always brutally honest about who he was, and how he felt. One of his seminal articles, in fact, was called "the Kentucky Derby is decadent and depraved."

Yet, for all that, there isn't much in his hometown that recognizes him. Apart from this mural at the monkey wrench bar and grill in Germantown, There's very little that says, "yes. Hunter S. Thompson was from Louisville."

Now a heavy movement is underway, for the city and the author to put past differences aside, and have Hunter S. Thompson officially honored in his hometown.

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