LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The effort to restore an abandoned dog back to good health continued on at Phoenix School of Discovery Monday morning.

Students gathered along the hallway anxious to see Cracker Jack once again as he made his return to the school for the first time since receiving his brand new doggie wheelchair.

Each student stood with treats in hand ready to motivate Cracker Jack, who is a boxer, to walk down the hallway. As Cracker Jack took his first steps and the aroma of the treats started to linger in the air, he began to gobble each treat one by one all the way to the end of the hallway.

Cracker Jack was first found abandoned, malnourished, and unable to walk on his own in a foreclosed apartment back in 2010.

Helping bring back Cracker Jack to good health and getting him to walk again has been a long-time effort for students at the Phoenix School of Discovery.

Cracker Jack was able to receive the new wheelchair because of the service learning project the students at Phoenix School of Discovery took part in. Students were able to learn about the proper way to care for and treat animals, plus raise awareness on animal cruelty by working with Cracker Jack.

Students teamed up with organizations such as Louisville Metro Animal Services, Save Cracker Jack, and Tyson's Chance Animal Foundation Inc. to provide Cracker Jack with the help he needed to reclaim his health. They also had two in school fund raiser where they raised hundreds of dollars on behalf of Cracker Jack.

Now just over two years later, Cracker Jack is healthy and walking with the help of his brand new doggie wheel chair.

Students and teachers at the Phoenix School of Discovery both say they have helped Cracker Jack, but more importantly he has helped them. They feel his story and presence has brought the community of the school much closer together, and taught them lessons of compassion, helping others in need, and giving back to the community.

Cracker Jack will be able to continue to inspire the community of Phoenix School of Discovery twice a week in the month of May working as an animal ambassador. He will be spending lots of time in the counseling office providing therapy for struggling students, and also be working with teachers to help students learn more about veterinary medicine.

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