LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Kentucky State Fire Marshal says it was an electrical fire that killed three people in a Grayson County mobile home, caused by a 100 watt bulb in a 60 watt socket in the kitchen.

Those killed were: Eddie Clouse; his two-year old son, Cole; and Kalvin King, a family friend. The three were identified by family members and friends. Four other people managed to escape the fire that started late Sunday night on a stretch of Vanmeter Lane north of Lietchfield, KY.

Among the survivors was Jerry Poole. If you count the stitches on Poole's wrist, you'd reach the number 15. If you ask the 18-year old how many people he saved from this devastating fire, he'd say not enough.

"I tried my best to get everybody out and I failed," said Jerry Poole.

Jerry, who goes by the Bub, feels like he failed. But his mother, Megan Overton Poole, disagrees. Both of them were inside this Grayson County trailer visiting Eddie Clouse, his wife Shauna, and sons Aden and Cole when the fire broke out Sunday night. Kalvin King, who was said to be dating Megan Overton Poole, was also at the house.

"Without Bub here I don't think anyone, I don't think anyone would've made it out," Megan Overton Poole. 

Bub says the fire started when they were asleep. He woke to the sound of the fire alarm and noticed Eddie Clouse trying to put out the fire he believes started in the kitchen.

Bub managed to pull his mother to safety, then says he went back in to save a 4-year old child and then punched a window to save that boy's mother, Shauna Clouse.

"It was just like smoke hitting me in the face I had to put my shirt over my face so I could reach in and grab them," said Jerry Poole.

But by then the flames were eating away the trailer's cedar walls. The smoke was too much to overcome, Poole said. Eddie Clouse, his two-year old son Cole and friend Kalvin King all died.

"Maybe if everyone could have stayed more alert then none of this would've happened. There are lots of questions that aren't answered," said Megan Overton Poole.

While several family members declined to comment, Shauna Clouse's great uncle said he hopes his niece will recover from the tragedy.

"We have a large family and everybody will get behind her and everybody is strong and they'll get behind Shauna and she'll be ok. It will take some time but she will be ok," Brian Manion, the great uncle of a Shauna Clouse, the mother who was pulled from the fire.

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