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Growing tomatoes and a hanging garden for Mom with the Home Depot

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The Home Depot guys have two projects this week: one for the family and one for mom. Scott Krueger and Joe Autry are showing the best way to get started growing tomatoes.

They brought along plants and information from Bonnie Tomatoes. Their website has information on how to grow different varieties, choosing the right tomato for your garden and even guidelines for taste. To learn more, CLICK HERE

Planting Tomatoes

Tomatoes like well-drained neutral soil with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0.

Plant them in full sun in an area that has access to water. Your plants will need 1" - 2" of water a week (supplement natural rainfall).

Space plants to allow maximum growth area, room for air circulation and harvest. The space needed varies by cultivar. Smaller varieties can be planted 18" - 24" apart, while some of the more vigorous indeterminate types should be 3' - 4' apart.

Amend soil with organic matter. Plant the seedling as deeply as possible. Roots will form along any part of the stem that is buried.

Fertilize lightly at time of planting. Too much can burn the tender young plants.

If you insist on planting early, be prepared to cover the young plants in the event of a late frost.

Pick them as they ripen to allow other fruit that's forming room to mature and also to keep the plant from getting too heavy. Tomatoes will ripen indoors on the

kitchen counter. For best results, do not put them on the windowsill or in the refrigerator.

Rotate your tomato planting beds every year. Plants to be rotated include any member of the tomato family, including bell peppers, potatoes and eggplant.



The Home Depot guys are showing how to make a vertical garden for Mom for Mother's Day. The cedar frames are made by Pennington and can be found online: CLICK HERE.


Hanging garden for Mom!


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