LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- 10-year-old Rose Russell, who has a disorder that makes her have strokes and seizures, is a huge Taylor Swift fan and thanks to the Dream Factory, the two came face to face Tuesday.

Although a bit camera shy, Russell sang us a line from her favorite Taylor Swift song.

"She performs on the fireplace. She'll act like she's Taylor Swift. She'll get up there and toss her hair around," said Kathy Russell, Rose's Mom.

"When she was six years old, she started getting sick and that's when they discovered the first strokes and she's had eight since then. They give her some medicine and they can control her having the seizures but there's really nothing that can stop her from having a stroke," said David Russell, Rose's Dad.

Rose's parents say Taylor Swift's music helped her get through some tough times in the hospital.

"Each time she would have a stroke in the hospital she would listen to Taylor Swift and it would make her calm down and be less stressful," Kathy told WDRB.

"That was always her thing right off the bat. She's always wanted to meet her, loves all her music and sings pretty much all her songs," said David.

The Dream Factory helped make this moment a reality for Rose.

Their mission is to grant wishes to critically and chronically ill children.

The organization believes that happy moments like this one can improve the quality of life for kids like Rose.

If you look around her bedroom, it's obvious Taylor brings Rose a lot of happiness, with posters on each wall, T-shirts and memorabilia.

Rose's big sister Brittany is the one that introduced her to Taylor's music.

"I've been a big fan of Taylor even when she just started her first debut album," said Brittany.

And she couldn't be happier for her little sister.

"I'm really happy for her. Her dream gets to come true and I guess mine does too since I'm part of the family," Brittany told WDRB.

Rose and her family got a limo escort to the concert and got to meet Taylor at the KFC Yum! Center in downtown Louisville.

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