CLOVERPORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Cloverport Independent Schools superintendent has sent a letter home to parents regarding allegations of sexual misconduct between a teacher and a male student.

That teacher -- who has not been identified -- has been removed from the classroom, while police investigate.

The teacher works at Frederick Fraize High School in Cloverport, which is in far western Breckinridge County, about 80 miles southwest of Louisville.

The Cloverport Independent Schools superintendent says the teacher has not been arrested.

Meanwhile, it is not much of a secret anymore with parents.  "That was her job; she is suppose to protect our kids in that school," says Donita Poole, a concerned parent.

Patents like Poole learned last week that the teacher was suspected of having a sexual relationship with a student.  And she has one question for the teacher: "What would make you do that? They're kids."

Dr. John Millay is superintendent of the school district and says, "We were first contacted late Friday afternoon."

Dr. Millay sent the letter home to parents on Wednesday, hoping to ease any major concerns.

"We want parents again to know that our students are safe. That we take these types of matters very...they're very important to us and we're making sure that we are doing a very thorough investigation and cooperating with authorities," says Dr. Millay.

The teacher has been removed from the school while police continue the investigation.

"Once we complete that we will present our evidence to the grand jury and they'll make the decision on whether or not there will be criminal charges," says Trooper Norman Chaffins, with KSP.

Trooper Chaffins says detectives have also looked for other alleged victims.  "Anytime we investigate a case like that we always look into other victims as well, it's always a possibility," says Chaffins.

Police say so far the allegations involve only one student.  Donita Poole says, "I hope it's not true."

And whether it's true or false, Poole wants some answers soon.

"Think it'll make our kids feel better to know what's going on," says Poole.

WDRB News has obtained a copy of that letter going home to parents.  It talks about state testing that's underway, and the struggles schools can face that may even be caused by the bad judgment of a staff member.

Below is an extract from the letter:

From time to time over the course of the school year, every district may face struggles along the way that have the potential to cast a negative shadow," the letter states. "Some of these struggles may be caused by the bad judgment of a staff member. It is critical to remember that when these instances occur that everyone understands that the administration carefully deals with problems according to district policies and state law requirements.

Due to legal requirements and for the protection of both our students and staff, we are required to maintain confidentiality at all times regarding student information and personnel. Please know that all issues are dealt with professionally and student safety is our number one priority.

The superintendent did not release the teacher's name, but says the teacher was put on leave last Friday after school.

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