RADCLIFF, Ky (WDRB) -- It's known as one of the worst drunk driving crashes in our nation's history.

May 14th will mark 25 years since the Carroll County bus crash.

Family members of victims tell WDRB they feel it's very important to honor the anniversary.

WDRB spoke to Lee Williams, a relative of some of the victims, and even though it's been 25 years, he was still able to recall details like it happened last week.

"I stood there in the drive way and watched the car pull out and go up Dearing Lane and they took that left on Logsdon and I never saw them again," recalled Williams. "I can't tell you the feeling I had that entire night. Where's my little ten year old? Where's my fourteen year old? Where's Joy? And that was the longest night of my life."

Fast forward 25 years and Lee Williams stands in front of the Radcliff First Assembly of God, telling us in detail about the night he lost his wife Joy and their two children, 14 year old Kristen and 10 year old Robin.

"It's bad enough someone had to lose their spouse or only child or someone lost a child but I kept saying, I've lost all three," Williams told WDRB.

Williams is associate pastor of Radcliff First Assembly of God. It's the same church the bus was en route to that fateful night.

"If it had not been for alcohol, that bus would have pulled in here that night and those kids would have got off and I wouldn't be talking to you today," said Williams.

24 children and three adults died in the crash.

They had been on a day trip to Kings Island and were on their way back to Radcliff.

Larry Mahoney, a drunk driver, was going the wrong way on the interstate and collided with the bus.

The fuel tank ruptured and the bus filled with smoke and flames.

"We're still getting phone calls saying we were praying for you 25 years ago and we're praying for you now," Williams told WDRB.

To mark the 25th anniversary, Lee along with other victims' relatives are asking everyone to reflect.

One way they're doing that is by watching the much anticipated documentary that was produced by a survivor of the tragedy.

It's titled "Impact: After the Crash."

"This is going to be a documentary about drinking and driving and I think it's well needed for the public," said Williams.

He says it will be painful to watch.

"There's a part of me that's not sure if I want to go see it and there's a part of me that says that's my family. I want to see it. You don't know what you have many times until you lose it or until you're about to lose it," said Williams.

Several events are planned to honor the anniversary next week.

On Monday, May 13th there's an event from noon until 2 at Resthaven Memorial Park on Bardstown Road in Louisville.

On Tuesday, May 14th there's a community memorial service from 5-6pm at North Hardin High in Radcliff.

On Wednesday May 15th, there's a public screening of the documentary at 7 at the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center in Elizabethtown. Tickets for that sold out in 48 hours, according to one of the producers.

He says we can expect it to be in several film festivals after the screenings next week.

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