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Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital offers free seminar on balance, dizziness and falls

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Individuals of all ages cane experience dizziness, vertigo or general difficulties with balance and risk of falling. But the Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital physical therapists Jessica Hawley, DPT and Erin Hilles, DPT say it can be treated. They show two simple tests that can help pinpoint a cause and talk about a free seminar and screening coming up.

Free balance and vestibular screenings following seminar

May 14, 2013 from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital

3104 Blackiston Blvd.

New Albany, IN

Background: Weakness, dizziness, vertigo, and/or disequilibrium are conditions that may affect a person's quality of life and safety with mobility. These impairments may contribute to imbalance and may ultimately lead to falls. Physical therapy can be an effective strategy to improve mobility and quality of life using balance retraining, manual therapy techniques, strengthening exercises, and activities focused on reducing dizziness and vertigo.

Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital will conduct a Balance and Dizziness Seminar covering topics relating to causes of imbalance, headaches, dizziness, vertigo and how physical therapy can be helpful in treating these conditions. The program is free to the public. Following the seminar there will be an opportunity for questions and answers, as well as a free balance screening.


Vestibular system: the sensory mechanism in the inner ear which detects movement of the head and helps us to maintain balance and upright position

Vestibular Rehabilitation: is an exercise based approach to retraining the brain to recognize input from the vestibular system in coordination with vision and musculoskeletal input.


MCTSIB: the Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction ON Balance:

-Test consists of 4 conditions: standing (shoes off) with feet together on tile and then foam; with eyes open and then eyes closed on each surface.

-This test helps to determine which sensory system a person relies on to maintain balance

-These 3 sensory systems are visual, somatosensory (gives us information through

touch) or vestibular system

-Difficulty with or inability to perform conditions of this test help to guide treatment technique

4 Square Step Test:

-This test is to assess a person's ability to change directions (dynamic balance)

- A cross is placed on the floor. Patient begins in the upper left corner and must step in all squares clockwise and then counterclockwise without contacting the cross, incorrect sequencing or losing balance.

-Results are timed. Time > 15 seconds in older adults suggests individual is at risk for multiple falls

For more information on the program, or to register for the class, call Kerri Kline at 812.941.6134.

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