LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --Move over Jennifer Lawrence because two local students just might be the next Louisvillians to make it big in the movie biz.  They are still in high school but have a film showing in the Cannes Film Festival next week.  Evan Sennett directs his actors while year old Matthew Rivera critiques the view behind the lens.  The movie making duo is using Frankfort Ave as the backdrop for their next film.

"When Evan submitted the film to Cannes I told him not to I thought it was a waste of money, we've submitted to things like Sundance before and I thought it was a joke but Cannes ya know that's something you always kid about," says Rivera.

Their film, "Writing the Big one" is 18 minutes long.  It will play in the Cannes Short Corner section of the festival May 15th through 26th. Their movie is a film noir, a genre made popular in the 1950's.

"Dangerous dames, the femme fatal and these really cool jazzy environments with the fog and the lights its terrific genre of film," describes Rivera.

Their friends and family beam with pride and admiration....

"I think from the moment he ever noticed a moving image on a television screen he was just transfixed, says Jim Sennett, Evan's Dad.

"Oh they're incredible. I don't know where the come from its like they come from another planet," says actor, Max Abner.

These Youth Performing Art School students are so focused; you almost forget they're the ones in high school

"You can't get caught up in the superficial zeal of these events it's the film that matters," says Rivera.

Once they graduate, both have dreams of making it big.

"I'm sorta leaning toward editing...I'd love to work on it as an adult," says Sennett.

Or at least bigger than they already have.

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