LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---It's been nearly 9 years since Madison, Indiana native Molly Dattilo went missing.

With the recent discovery of 3 missing women in Cleveland, community members are hoping there's still a chance Molly will be found.

Hundreds of people took part in the Molly Dattilo Run/Walk on Saturday in Madison, Indiana.

Running was something Dattilo loved to do.

"A lot of people knew Molly because she was such a great athlete," says community member Allen Watson.

"She was a very good runner. She was a state runner. But after she disappeared there was people from other teams, parents of other kids, who would say Molly encouraged my daughter so much," says Celestra Hoffman, Dattilo's sister.

It was in July of 2004 that Dattilo, 23 years old at the time, was last seen at an Indianapolis gas station.

The fundraising run is an annual event that remembers the young woman, and allows people to run in her honor.

"I just think it embodies Molly's spirit because I think people are cheering from the first to last kid, it shows that every kid is important and if you try your best, that's all you need to do," says Celestra Hoffman.

"The main reason that I did it is because my family knew Molly Dattilo and her family and I just wanted to support the missing case and hopefully if she's still alive, one day it will bring her back," says high school student Kelsay Fox.

Most recently, three missing Cleveland women were found alive after being missing for 10 years.

"There's always hope. I never give up," says Allen Watson.

Dattilo's sister says, they still fear the worst.

"I don't have a lot of hope that Molly's alive at this point," says Celestra Hoffman.

She says she is optimistic that the recent news in Cleveland will raise more awareness about all the missing persons cases across the country.

She and community members agree that they just want closure.

"If that can happen and they can be found 10 years later, maybe there's hope for Molly Dattilo or  Lauren Spierer and whoever else is missing to come back home," says Kelsay Fox.

In 2007, Molly's Law was established in Indiana, which requires police to investigate missing-adult reports more aggressively.

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