WAYNESVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) - Police have not released many details about the deaths of four people gunned down in a southern Indiana home.  Neighbors said it has the small town on edge, but they had seen a quadruple homicide investigation take place in the town around fifteen years ago.

It takes just seconds to drive through the quiet town of Waynesville, Ind., but loved ones of victims said they want to find answers and they don't care how long it takes.

"A quick answer is not what we're after, it would be nice to have that, and we would celebrate, but quick is not the main thing, we want it done right," said Tracy Rickman, a sister of Thomas "Tommy" Smith.

Family members of 39-year-old Smith said they drove from North Carolina after hearing the news that he died what they call a "horrible death."

"We will travel all the way across the world for each other, family is everything to us," said Rickman.

Aaron Cross, 41, and Shawn Burton, 41, were found along with Smith and his fiancée Katherine Burton, 53, at their home on East Main Street on Saturday night.   Officials say all suffered gunshot wounds.

"When the funeral comes, that's when we are all going to lose it, and that's when we are going to lean on the rest of the family," said Cindy Smith, Smith's other sister.

Regardless, family who knew three of the four people who died said they want someone to be held responsible.  They said they are being patient with police in piecing all of that together.

"I want it done right and I want the guilty party to be caught, not somebody that had nothing to do with it," Rickman said.

"I want to make sure that it's thorough, it's done right, that way they can serve justice to the person who is guilty of this."

Loved ones say with little to go on, they hope getting the word out about what's going on can help protect others, if a person responsible is still out there.  Police have not said if the incident was a murder-suicide or a home invasion.  The family said they were not as fearful for those who lived in the area, given the amount of attention the media had given to the incident.

"People are taking more caution, people are locking their doors, they are kind of keeping a look out for people they don't recognize in their neighborhood which is wise to do," said Smith.

"Keep an eye on your family, keep them close and let the cops do their job."

Rickman said in addition to searching for answers, they are also trying to put together funeral arrangements.  She said the bodies of the deceased were expected to be released to the families tomorrow.  As of Monday, autopsies were being performed to determine an exact cause of death.

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