CLARKSVILLE, IND. (WDRB) -- A Duke Energy program to encourage people to recycle old refrigerators is also intended to save people money.

A "Filet-a-Fridge" demonstration, in which the many components of a refrigerator were deconstructed, showed how many different materials can be removed and recycled.

Older refrigerators built before current energy standards can use three times as much energy as current models.  That's why Duke Energy is giving people a financial incentive to give up their old fridges. as Justin Rainer of Jaco Environmental explained:  "We will not only help you save up to $150 in energy by removing this old refrigerator, but we will also give you a $30 incentive for participating in the program."

You can find out more about the program by calling (855)398-6200 or going to

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