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POV: You Say Undocumented, I Say Illegal (5/14/13)

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Journalists make choices all the time that influence our understanding of the news - the choice of what stories to cover, which people to interview, which words to use. In a bow to yet more political correctness, some major news organizations have been rethinking how best to describe a group of people whose very presence in this country breaks immigration law.

The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, NPR and a few others are dropping or modifying the term "Illegal Aliens" when they refer to people who entered our country in ways that circumvented our laws.  In April, the AP decided the word "illegal" should only be used to describe actions, not people.  Some organizations will now refer to these people as "undocumented aliens."

Since these people who have forced their way into this country in an unauthorized manner are not from Mars, perhaps we could change the description to "Illegal Immigrants."  But just because news organizations are doing contortions to not offend Latino activists, doesn't mean dropping the term "illegal" is right thing to do.  If words mean something, and I think "Illegal" is very descriptive, then changing the words to something softer can only soften the seriousness of the situation.  And if we take our eyes off the issue because it no longer seems serious, we will only exacerbate the problem.

What do you think?  Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb.  And that's my Point of View.

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