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POV: An "A" by Any Other Name (5/21/13)

You run a school system.  Too many of your students aren't getting high enough grades.

So how do you address the problem?

Well, if you're the Bullitt County School Board, the answer's simple:

Lower the standards for GETTING those higher grades.

Yes, that's the solution the people in charge of Bullitt County schools came up with earlier this week when they approved a new, more lenient grading scale for students.  Under the new system, what used to be a high B will now be an A.  A large portion of what used to constitute a D will now be a C.  And simply scoring a 60% average will enable a student to pass.

Problem solved – right?

Well, no.  For the same reason calling my house Buckingham Palace doesn't make me the King of England.

Plan supporters say this will make it easier for Bullitt County students to get into college and win scholarships.  But it sure won't make them more prepared to succeed in college.

The higher grades that will result from such a redefinition won't necessarily reflect higher performance. And since the standards for "success" will be lower, kids might even become less motivated to put in the necessary amount of study time – reducing achievement even further.

One could argue that this constitutes fraud against the university system. And I wish the Bullitt County School Board would reconsider.

Call and tell us your thoughts.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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