LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police say they have put the brakes on a major car theft ring.  Two people have been arrested after police say they stole more than a dozen cars from a car rental lot at the Louisville International Airport.

Metro Police say the suspects, Blake Mack and Charmia Morris, worked for Avis Car Rental.  

"Both have been charged with several counts of theft by unlawful taking, over $10,000," said Dwight Mitchell, with LMPD.

According to a Metro Police citation, Mack and Morris worked at the airport location and were renting stolen cars, taken from Avis, and then falsifying computer records to hide the crime.

Mitchell says, "We believe that approximately...14 vehicles may be involved, and we're still hopefully in the process of locating those."

The investigation started on Tuesday, and just several hours into the case, police recovered eight of the stolen cars from the Newburg neighborhood."

"We were able to locate them by surveillance means at that point," said Mitchell. 

Right now, Mack and Morris are the only ones in custody, but police suspect there will be more arrests.

"That's why the investigation is ongoing," Mitchell said. "We want to make sure we have all the players involved. We believe we have the major players involved, but there is a possibility of others."

Those "others" could include the individuals who rented and drove the cars off of the lot, according to Mitchell. 

"We're still investigating that aspect and certainly they could be," he said. "Obviously they could be charged down the line with receiving stolen property, or also being involved in a syndication."

Police say they learned Mack and Morris, "were loaning out the vehicles for cash without permission from Avis."

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