GEORGETOWN, IND. (WDRB) -- The family budget can really take a beating when you go to the grocery store.  But in Georgetown in southern Indiana, there is a new grocery store designed to keep prices as low as possible.

The ribbon was cut Wednesday morning on a new Cash Saver store. It is taking the place of an old Thriftway market that used to be at the same location.

Cash Saver carries national and private label products. "It is a great concept," says store owner Dave Buehler, "it provides really low price food for our customers, it is not just about cheap, we also have quality."

Buehler says his store can offer lower prices because it operates more efficiently and has a lower profit margin.  He says, "We eliminate the cost of advertising and then the volume that brings our costs down, and also our overhead is lower."

Buehler says some of the products on his store's shelves are as much as a third lower in price than what can be found in the larger supermarkets.

A representative from One Southern Indiana, the chamber of commerce for the community, was present for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Matt Hall says a new store like the one opened on Wednesday, gives shoppers more choices. "National brand products at reduced prices are certainly good for consumers and good for the market."

Hall did more than attend the ceremony -- he did a little shopping himself. "It is pretty hard to pass up an 8 pound bag of potatoes at 99 cents and we did that while we were here," says Hall.

Buehler says he is confident his second store in the area will be successful.  "We've got a good team of people here," he says, "and we think it is going to be great."

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