Two outstanding college athletes.

One wore Wildcat blue.  The other wore Cardinal red.

Both were adored by the fans of their respective teams.

But right now, more than a few of those fans have to be feeling a bit betrayed by the latest antics of their heroes.

Of course, the saga of Richie Farmer is well-known by now. His fame as one of UK's "Unforgettables" paved the way to political success, which, in turn, led to a jaw-dropping list of alleged abuses of power that have gotten him indicted by a grand jury on five felony corruption counts.

And now we learn that former Louisville Cardinal Terrence Williams has been arrested on domestic abuse charges after allegedly pulling a gun on the mother of his child and threatening her.

Two very different guys.  Two very different stories.  Two painfully similar tales of recklessly squandered potential and reputation.

This doesn't mean all our sports heroes are fatally flawed.  Former stars like Junior Bridgeman, Jamal Mashburn, Darrell Griffith and Pat Riley-and many more - disprove that every day. But I do think it illustrates how easily young athletes can be seduced by an atmosphere of adulation into believing the rules of mere mortals don't apply to them.

Now, Mr. Farmer and Mr. Williams are learning otherwise - the hard way.  I just hope our current crop of Cards and Cats are paying attention.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.