LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Imagine visiting your loved ones at the cemetery and not being able to find their headstones because the grass is so high.

Several families experienced that at Greenwood Cemetery in Louisville's west end on Memorial Day.

Now those families are upset and looking for answers.

The city says the grounds are privately owned but so far, no one is claiming ownership.

In some parts of Greenwood Cemetery, the grass stands four feet tall.

It looks like you're walking through a field or pasture but underneath the weeds are hundreds of people laid to rest.

"We had no idea that this was so horrible," Wanda McIntyre told WDRB.

On Memorial Day, Wanda McIntyre and her family came to lay flowers on their loved one's graves but they couldn't find them under the overgrown grass.

"The grass is unattended and it's so high we had to cut a path to get to my sister's grave," said McIntyre.

High grass isn't the only issue.

WDRB found broken headstones and trash scattered throughout the grounds.

So who's responsible for maintaining Greenwood Cemetery?

We tried calling the main number that's listed on Greenwood's sign but it's been disconnected. The doors and windows of what looks like an office building have been boarded up.

"Whoever owns this property, stand up. Be responsible for the upkeep of the property or make arrangements with the families so we know ahead of time we need to come cut the grass," said McIntyre.

She isn't the only one upset.

Christian Holloway had to bring a weed eater just to find his grandparent's headstone.

"It's very heavy on my heart that it's gotten to this situation and I hope someone steps up and take care of the problem because there's no need for this," Holloway told WDRB.

While trudging through the grass, WDRB uncovered a grave of a World War II vet.

People didn't realize they'd been walking on it because it was covered with weeds.

"I would have to challenge the powers that be. Is this how we want to represent the west end of Louisville and the people that have passed?" said McIntyre.

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