LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- Some people in Jeffersonville may hear some unexpected noises on Thursday, but don't worry -- it's just part of a test involving the Ohio River Bridges Project's Downtown Crossing.

Walsh Construction will be checking out just how sturdy a test shaft is.  It was drilled in late April.  The tests are part of the preparations for building the piers for the new Downtown Crossing.  The new bridge will have nine piers, four of them on land and five in the water.

The tests will simulate the impact of a vessel striking a pier.  The testing is expected to take all day on Thursday.  It will feature four or five tests, each one with an increasing load that creates louder sounds.  The Bridges Project says the final test will be the loudest, and will sound similar to "a small cannon or large firework."

It says people living within 500 feet of the test area will notice the sounds, but that no one will require hearing protection.

The test shaft is located east of the Kennedy Bridge near Riverside Drive in Jeffersonville.   

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