LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police are trying to put a stop to gang violence, gambling and drinking in Victory Park.

Residents say it's fine in the day, but in the afternoons and evenings, they see illegal activity in the park.

Now police are going door-to-door, handing out flyers and talking about enforcing drinking, gambling, firearms and drug laws in Victory Park and the California Neighborhood.

Resident Michael Jackson says, "It needs to stop. It needs to stop. I got grandkids and everything, and they like playing in the park."

You may remember indictments for members of the Victory Park Crips years ago, but that group is still around.

Metro Councilman David James with District 6 says, "It's not the same organization as it was before, but it's still an organization, and they still have membership, and they still believe this park is theirs."

Now, James and LMPD are trying to take the park back. James is using $11,000 in Neighborhood Development Funds to pay for additional overtime for officers to patrol the area, starting next week.

James says, "They want to be in the park without people drinking in the park. They want to be in the park without people shooting dice in the park. They want to be in the park without people selling drugs in the park."

LMPD Major Bill Kristofeck, the Second Division Commander says, "We will be on foot or on bicycles or ATV's, but we will not be in the police car. We need to get out of police cars. We need to make contact with citizens, the community, the residents."

James also used Neighborhood Development Funds to fight crime in 2011 in the Old Louisville area. He's hoping this effort will make this area family-friendly once again.

Jackson says, "Like the gambling, that's the main thing. If the gambling stops, maybe the park will be safe."

The police detail runs through Labor Day.

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