LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- It's been a little over a month since the Waterfront Development Corporation banned pets from the Big Four Bridge.

Are there any consequences if you break the rule?

Since the ban, the Waterfront Development Corporation says they haven't fined anyone and have only had a few violators.

Waterfront Development Corporation President David Karem says overall, they're happy with their decision to ban pets from the big four bridge.

"I'm pleasantly surprised. I thought we'd have more push back than there was," said David Karem, President of the Louisville Waterfront Development Corporation.

After debating the decision for weeks, the Waterfront Development Corporation officially put the ban in place in late April.

He says he expected they'd have a lot more negative feedback than they've gotten.

"Communications that we got back have been about 80% favorable and even some of the ones that are dog owners are saying you know we understand," Karem told WDRB.

If you break the bridges new rule, chances are security will ask you to leave and remind you of the pet ban.

Karem says no fines will be given as long as you cooperate.

"It just doesn't appear there's a need for anything right now because our guys that work out there on a daily basis say they're really not running into problems," he said.

Karem says they would consider an appropriate consequence if they start to have issues.

New signs are now in place that make it very clear of the do's and don'ts.

Karem says they often remind park users that there are 85 acres of Waterfront Park where pets are allowed.

"There's plenty of great green space with grass and the dogs are more comfortable there," said Karem.

Kelly Shouse often takes her dogs to Waterfront Park.

She says she understands the reasoning behind the ban but hopes the Waterfront Development Corporation will someday reconsider.

Shouse thinks providing pick up stations would help.

"A lot of people are stuck without anything to pick up with so providing those stations would solve the problem," said Shouse.

Karem says the ban will stay for now and they have workers who walk the bridge daily to make sure no one is violating.

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