LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- As family, friends, and officers gathered in the church, residents of Bardstown gathered on their main streets.  A community torn apart by tragedy came together to say its final goodbyes.

People lined up three deep and stood for hours, waiting for the hearse to pass.  Some were saying goodbye to a man they never even knew. 

It was a 29-mile drive to Highview Cemetery for the burial service. 

"He gave ultimate sacrifice to us," said resident Tammy Cox, "and we need to show our appreciation for that."  She was passing out balloons and ribbons in remembrance. 

"These people serve us all the time," said John Peterson, his voice shaking with emotion.  "To have one fall in the line of duty, I think we owe that to him."

The community also has one clear message for the killer, said Cox:  "You're not going to take anything away from us -- that we're going to stand, and we're going to find you."

It's a sentiment Peterson agreed with:  "If he doesn't have to pay in this world, he will certainly have to pay in the next."  Peterson also had a message regarding Officer Ellis for the "big man upstairs" -- "Let him in, let him in.  He deserves it."

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