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POV: Use of Technology Is Up To Us (5/30/13)

With every technological advance, the world gains vast improvements -- along with previously unimagined headaches.

The printing press gave us the Bible…and later, mass-produced pornography.

The invention of motion pictures gave us Hollywood magic…and Nazi propaganda.
And the personal computers that blessed us with virtually unlimited information and communication also spawned hackers.

Now, the latest big tech innovation is the development of 3D "printers" - devices that can receive an electronic blueprint of virtually any physical object via the Internet and replicate it, just as easily as we now print documents.

Which means that soon, instead of going out to shop or ordering from the Internet, people will be able to fabricate many of the goods they need right in their own home!  

But some people are wringing their hands. Because guns could possibly be created with these devices.

Well, OK.  But in the face of all the positive benefits such technology can provide, obsessing over this one possible misuse seems kind of like criticizing fire because it can be used to burn your house down.

Look, technology is value-free. Only we, as individuals, can choose to use it for good or evil. And I believe that good just about always far outweighs the bad.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my…Point of View.

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