LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- An award recognizing educators with Jefferson County Public Schools was sponsored by Hilliard Lyons.

At a ceremony Thursday night at the Yum Center, each winning teacher and principal received $1,000 for their schools.

From JCPS: 

Elementary School PLC* Award

Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School

Nannette Jones, Courtney Smith, Mary Anne Mattingly, Sheila Riley,
Lisa Goins, Michael Ice


Middle School PLC* Award

Westport Middle School

Jenny Napier, Melissa Shearon, Jerusha Coleman, Heather Weis, Sarah Yost


High School PLC* Award

Central High School Magnet Career Academy

Michelle Timmerman, Ryan Davis, T'Andrea Mayes


Southern High School

Tim Blythe, Nate Jebsen, Carl Johnson, Chris Kaufman, Matt Ignash,

Randi Stearman, Rebecca Cull, Kristina Sheldon, Robin Klein, Amanda McFarland-Smith, Kelly Dearmond, Carly Speigel, Kanna Edison, Julie Smith, Mary Curtis, Alison Moore



Westport Teenage Parent Program

Jessica White, Michael Bell, Cortnea Schuster, Juliette Brewster


Elementary School Teacher Award

Luhr Elementary School

Karen Kruger


Tully Elementary School

Laura Keeling


Middle School Teacher Award

Olmsted Academy North

Mary McCarty


High School Teacher Award

Waggener High School

Jennifer Powell


The Brook KMI

Justin Meek


Elementary School Principal Award

Crums Lane Elementary School

Anna Byrd


Middle School Principal Award

Farnsley Middle School

Rob Stephenson


High School Principal Award

Fern Creek Traditional High School

Houston Barber


Jeffersontown High School

Marty Pollio


Seneca High School

Michelle Dillard




Audwin & Rae Helton Award

Fairdale Elementary School

Bianca Nightengale-Lee



Ernst & Young Accounting/Business High School Educator Award

Southern High School

Tom Watson



Junior Achievement Teacher Award

Pleasure Ridge Park High School
Jamie Baxter

LEEP Coordinator


Fund for the Arts Collaborative Arts Award

Hartstern Elementary School

Debbie Rutledge Lockyear

Arts and Humanities Teacher


Metro United Way Out-of-School-Time
Excellence Award

Klondike Lane Elementary School

Christine Deely


YMCA Award for Youth Development

Tully Elementary School

John Ansman