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Fitness expert Michelle Yeager-Turner gets moving with "The Carlton"

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It doesn't take expensive gym equipment to get in shape. Fitness expert Michelle Yeager-Turner says all you need for a good work-out is some cans of food and good music.

Yeager-Turner says standard cans of food can be used to get your arms, chest and back in shape. One of the exercises she uses to get her arm in shape are curls. With one can in each hand, she lifts her arm until they make a T and then bring the cans down towards the base of her neck. Repeat until you feel tired.

To work on your chest, just bring the cans directly in front of you with your arms fully extended at shoulder level. Then just bring each hand back so you make a T shape and repeat.

Yeager-Turner also has a back exercise you can do with cans. Stand up straight with cans in each hand. Lift both hands up over your head. Hold the two cans together and then drop your hands slowly behind your head and towards your back. Lift so your forearms behind your head with the cans together, lower them and repeat. Yeager-Turner says the easier it gets, just add more repetition.

And the best way to get moving is to make it fun. Yeager-Turner brought along some music to do "The Carlton" dance. She got the morning team on their feet. Then she had Candyce, Sterling, Mike and Jude jumping around to "Jump on It." In just a few minutes, they were all out of breath.

About Michelle Yeager-Turner:

Getting active and motivated is tough for many women--especially after having a baby. But Michelle Yeager-Turner had many challenges to bring her beloved son Maximus into the world. Gymnastics as a child, cheerleading in high school and even competitive bodybuilding couldn't prepare her for the toll it took on her body. Add ten weeks bed rest, and Michelle was ready to get moving, after her son arrived.

But she found it difficult to work out because not many gyms were sympathetic to her son crying in daycare. So Michelle found another way. She created her own at-home workouts. She learned a lot about herself and what it takes to get back on track.

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