LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- A billboard provides 10,000 reasons to turn over new clues in the effort to find a killer.  A Louisville father says he will give his last dollar to find the person who killed his son.

Steve Lewis hopes the billboard conjures up just the right words to help in that investigation, saying, "I wouldn't wish this on Satan.  It's just total horror, every minute of every day I think about my son."

The new billboard near the corner of Taylor and Berry with the image of Bryan Lewis and his dog Champ went up eight months after their deaths. 

Steve Lewis answered the door to gunfire at his mother's Bicknell Avenue home:  "I've been told several times that the people involved in this are in this neighborhood."

Believing that, he hopes that driving by the bright yellow sign could call on someone's conscience.  To anyone seeing him sobbing over his son's death, it's easy to see how the daily reminder affects him.  He implores people with information to, "Call the police and tell who done this 'cause they can do this to their kids, your kids, anyone, because my son was a perfect boy, never into any trouble and he got murdered for no reason."

Pam Lewis, the murder victim's aunt, explains, "We got $10,000 waiting for someone who wants to help us take a killer off the street."  The family hosted fundraisers to earn that reward money, much of it generated by selling wrist bands after Lewis' death.

He was once a standout basketball player at Fairdale High School.  Steve Lewis says, "Everybody loved him, he was kind, generous, and dependable."

Police say that perhaps he was not the intended target.  Lt. Todd Kessinger with LMPD says, "He did have a clean record, and by all accounts, by our investigation, he's a good man, and that's an avenue that we would not rule out."

Police admit leads have slowed since the murder.  They're optimistic the billboard will bring new clues.  Pam Lewis says, "It's devastated our family and they're out running the streets like they didn't do anything wrong."

Steve Lewis says, "I want to keep this fresh in everybody's mind 'cause I got to do that for my son. That's my pride and joy."

You can call the LMPD anonymous tipline at 574-LMPD with tips on this case.

Bryan Lewis was 21 years old and is survived by two young children.

At 6:00 Thursday night his family is planning a vigil underneath the new billboard.

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