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AUDIO: 911 caller reports plane crash at Seneca golf course

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NOTE: To listen to the full audio of the 911 call (with redactions of personal identifiers of the caller and profanity), click on the video player above.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A seven-minute 911 call released Thursday provides a moment-by-moment look at the aftermath of the plane crash at Seneca Golf Course on the night of Tuesday, June 11.

The Cessna 172, which was registered to the Cardinal Wings flight school on Bowman Field, went down near the 18th hole of the golf course. Four men were aboard the plane and were taken to the hospital after the crash. They were identified as Adam Breitmeyer, Cody Goodan, Josh Daddona, and Josh Trumbo. All of them were recent graduates of Butler Traditional High School.

The audio of the 911 call was released Thursday afternoon, and can be heard in its entirety by clicking on the video player above.

The unidentified caller's name was redacted from the audio, but the voice sounds like it belongs to a young man, who witnessed the crash as it happened.

When the call begins, the man's voice can be heard speaking with a female dispatcher. Below are portions of that call:

"I'm actually in Seneca Golf Course," the caller says. "A plane just crashed just outside of Bowman Field."

"It just landed -- oh my God."

At one point, it sounds like the caller came across one of the crash victims.

"I don't think this person's ali -- uh, I can't..."

"It's a small plane, and it's mangled, and I don't see the pilot at all," he says.

"Are you there with them?" the dispatcher asked, attempting to ascertain if he's found any victims.

"I'm standing right by the plane, but it's leaking fuel," the caller says. "Oh my God, it just collap...landed, like, 10 feet away from me."

The caller then hears one of the plane crash victims.

"I hear him coughing," he says.

"Okay, can you see where he's at?" the dispatcher asks.

"No I can't. I mean I can't..." the caller replies.

He then tries to call out to one of the victims: "Hello? I think he's unconscious...hold on just a second...there's three people that I see. Maybe more."

"Okay can you tell me about any injuries?" the dispatcher asks.

"They're...oh my God, there's a lot of blood," the caller replies.

"Do you know how far they are away from the plane?" the dispatcher asks.

"They are in the plane," the caller says. "And I don't know if I should try to move them or not."

"You're doing an absolutely great job," the dispatcher says. "I need you to stay with me because you're going to be my eyes and ears, okay? I need you to tell me everything you see. Do you see any markings on the plane?"

"No I don't see any markings. The plane is completely mangled," the caller says. "They're screaming. They're screaming. Oh my God."

Moments later, the fire department nears the crash scene.

"I hear the ambulance, so I'm going to run to the street," the caller says.

"You're doing great," the dispatcher says. "Whatever you do, try not to hang up on me, okay?"

"I'm staying with you," the caller says, breathless.

At one point, he apparently passes one or more onlookers.

"A plane just crashed!" he shouts.

"I can hear fire trucks...I'm gonna wave my phone at them!" he says.

Moments later, the first responders arrive.

"Alright go ahead and go and talk to them," the dispatcher says. The call ends moments later.

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