LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)-- It may have been fun while it lasted, but a local summer camp just came crashing to an end for dozens of Louisville children and their families.

The program has been operated by a company called Inspirational Keys, which is based in Memphis, Tenn.

The summer camps were housed at Melbourne Heights Baptist Church on Taylorsville Road and at Mill Creek Elementary School in Shively.

From the program's web site, it looks and sounds like a lot of fun for children.  It touts a number of fun activities and an academic curriculum.

"They had a great presentation, they introduced some of their staff that was going to be in charge of the camp," said Jessica Pomeroy, a concerned parent.

Pomeroy has two children in the summer camp and says the folks from Inspiration Keys were just as impressive in person. 

"We really left with no doubt that this was going to be a great program for the children to attend this summer."

But after a couple hundred dollars down and just one week, there were red flags.

"We received the news last Friday. The principal, when she was taking payments at the school, you know, introduced herself and said, 'We are not happy with the way things are being ran,'" Pomeroy said.

The principal then sent a letter to parents and decided to shut the program down.

"Ms. Pennix was concerned because she felt that the entity that was renting the facility was not coming through on some promises that were made to parents," said JCPS spokesperson Ben Jackey.

The program is operated by a man named Quinton Cox.

"We trusted him with our children; he told us from day one his employees had background--criminal background checks, CPR certified. We were informed that none of this is true,"Pomeroy said.

After hearing the news, Pomeroy tried reaching out to Cox. 

"I sent an email to the inspirational keys web site and the response was, we'll get back to you once we know something."

WDRB News also called the company's phone number several times and here's what we got each time: "The mailbox belonging to Inspirational Keys is full and can not accept messages."

And there's more --  Inspirational Keys also has an "F" rating with the Memphis Better Business Bureau.

This is not a JCPS program, but the school system is working to help parents find alternatives.

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