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POV: Edward Snowden -- Hero or Traitor? (6/25/13)

If you're conflicted about the case of Edward Snowden, you're not alone.  He's the NSA contractor who admitted leaking classified documents regarding secret American surveillance of citizens' cell phone records.

At first, many people felt violated at the thought of our government snooping on Americans' private communications to such a degree.  But it now appears no one was listening in on any actual calls, but merely tracing their locations, times, frequency and dates, in search of patterns that might reveal terrorist planning and activity. And according to several US security experts, that's helped uncover a number of plots before they could reach fruition.

So -- is Snowden a hero for revealing an intrusion into personal privacy?  Or a traitor for breaking his oath of secrecy and damaging American security?

If another 9/11 can be thwarted just by tracking my cell phone calls, I think it's worth it.  Considering modern-day reality -- where we already casually reveal all kinds of personal data daily on the Internet -- and the sophistication of modern-day terrorists, many of our expectations of privacy are simply outdated and need to be adjusted.

That's why I believe Snowden deserves the "traitor" label. 

But your opinion may be different. So call and tell us what you think.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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