JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- The man allegedly behind the standoff in Sellersburg says he doesn't remember much of anything from that day.

Joshua Priddy faced a judge for the first time Wednesday morning. He repeatedly told the judge he doesn't remember what happened Monday. He also said he couldn't recall his age, where he lived, or if he had any money to his name.

31-year-old Priddy is facing 18 felony charges, including seven counts of attempted murder, and one count of killing a law enforcement animal.

"When you shoot a police officer, you've got a problem, and I'm going to be a major problem to you," said Clark County prosecutor Bill Grimes. He said mental illness or not, he will seek the harshest penalties. "He is a dangerous individual to himself and this community, and I took every step I could to make sure we kept him in confinement."

Grimes says Priddy could face over 200 years behind bars for the attempted murder charges alone. The other charges include killing a law enforcement animal, criminal recklessness, pointing a firearm (three counts), residential entry (four counts), attempted residential entry, and resisting law enforcement.

The charges stem from a nearly 10-hour standoff with law enforcement in Sellersburg Monday. A probable cause affidavit says police responded to a home on Iowa Avenue in response to a call from Priddy's wife, Sondra Priddy, saying her husband was having a mental breakdown and she needed help.

Police say Priddy's demeanor in court was very different from the candid man interviewed by detectives immediately following the incident Monday. In questioning that night, police say Priddy laid out a methodical plan to shoot an officer so that he could escape the house while they assisted the injured or dead.

"He gave very good details of what happened in the house once we got to that particular part in his plan. He gave very good details of that, to this morning, saying he can't remember what happened," said Sellersburg Chief of Police Russ Whelan. "That's going to be for him to explain to his attorneys."

Priddy told the judge that he has been asking to see a doctor while in jail, and they have yet to send someone. Clark County Sheriff Danny Rodden says Priddy was evaluated twice before heading to court.

Grimes said Priddy could face over 200 years in prison on the murder charges alone. While Chief Whelan says he expects more charges to come.

"We did what we had to do to get him here today, and now we will do what we have to do to keep him in jail," said Whelan.

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