LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's a multibillion-dollar project that's not scheduled to be completed until at least the end of 2016, but there is a connection between a new bridge and the skate park.

Metro Parks officials say the skate park has a lot to do with the Ohio River Bridges Project.

"The new alignment for the Spaghetti Junction and approaches to the bridge are kind of cutting off our Northwestern side of the park," said Jason Canuel, Asst. Director for Metro Parks.

Canuel said that means the "expert portion" of the Louisville Extreme Park will have to be re-located and just how that process will happen is not yet set in stone.

"The construction details, we don't have them right now," said Canuel.

Canuel said the opportunity for the public to bid the creation design was opened on June 25.  He said the open bidding will end on July 25.

Because of the loops, pipes, curves and shape, the partial location change will be a little challenging.

"What you do with where the bowls are now it has to be properly filled, properly compacted, it has to settle and then we build on top of it, it's quite complicated," said Canuel.

Even park goers said they are used to challenges, at least when it comes to skating or riding.

"I was one of the first people they had out here when I opened it up," said Cody Long.

Those who have coasted, skated and grinded at the park say it's bitter sweet.

"I have spent so much of my life here that I love this place, I have a love for it," said Long.

"When they tear something down it's probably going to upset me, but then building the new will be pretty cool it'll be new and different if there for 13 years now."

Officials say the hardcore skaters and riders will still be able to roll out and practice their skills.

"KYTC is basically giving us a functional replacement which means they are replacing what we have to move," said Canuel.

"It's not that we are enhancing anything, we are just taking what is here and relocating it elsewhere."

Canuel said whatever the new design, it would be a comparable level of skill to what's being taken away.  The full pipe will definitely be taken away, along with the Northwestern part of the part.

"It's not like we're making something better but it will be different because it's new because the service will be smoother," said avid skateboarder and Metro Parks Board of Directors Foundation Member Jason Gainous.

Canuel said the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is giving them $3.6 million for the relocation.

He said he hoped it meant the cruising will not stop during the process.

Skate park goers said they looked forward to the renovations,

"People will enjoy the opportunity to ride something a little different," said Gainous.

"I think we are very fortunate to have a city government that supportive because it's not always true, where state skateboards can get a bad rap, so it's nice to have a city that's cool with."

Long said he might not ride at the new park, but he was at least looking forward to seeing the transformation.

"I'll just come back and check it out see how everything has changed," said Long.

Until the creation design is finalized, there is no set completion date.

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