LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Thunderstorms moved through Kentuckiana Wednesday, flooding streets and stranding drivers.

MetroSafe dispatchers tell us about 30 roads were closed during Wednesday's storms, but most had been re-opened by Thursday.

People who experienced the deluge say it caught them off guard.

"We were just driving along and the rain just poured, (a) downpour, real fast," said Ladonna Cecil. "And I'm driving -- I'm a slow driver, white knuckle -- and it just started getting deeper and deeper and deeper in that area right there on Lexington Road. Cars were coming by, I think a fire truck went by me and splashed my windows and I couldn't see, so I had stop."

Some drivers apparently didn't realize how deep the water was in some areas, and had to abandon their vehicles. We saw several people climbing out windows to escape.

MetroSafe dispatchers tell us police rescued several people trapped in their vehicles, but say no injuries were reported.

The storms moved through southern Indiana before hitting Jefferson County. Some people couldn't believe how fast the rain came down.

"Broadway was flooded, almost at every corner," said Angie Wohlleb. We spoke with her and her husband, Joe, as they walked through Cherokee Park after the storm to look at the damage.

"A lot of the streets were real flooded," said Joe Wohlleb. "The gutters weren't able to take the water. This is all residential areas, and it came down real fast."

At least one tree in Cherokee Park was toppled by the high winds, partially blocking one road.

Jennifer Eldridge says she walks through Cherokee Park all the time, and has never seen worse flooding in such a short time period.

"Even with the storm warnings ... we were coming to the park and you could see the big rivers coming down people's driveways," said Eldridge. "We thought it would be like a tree where you could kind of go around it and keep going, but there was no going through that. It was pretty deep, and looked dangerous."

Police blocked several flooded roads in the park until the waters receded.

Although most of the roads were reopened early Thursday, morning commuters were warned to be on the lookout for possible storm debris on the roads.


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