LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On Thursday afternoon, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board voted to revoke the medical license of a doctor who operated a pain clinic in Clark County, Ind., according to a news release.

In February, the Indiana Attorney General's office filed a complaint against Dr. Lea Marlow, who worked in the Clark County Wellness Center, which has since been closed.

As a result of the Medical Licensing Board's vote, Dr. Marlow can no longer practice medicine, or petition the board for a new license for at least seven years.

Marlow's license has been on temporary suspension since Dec. 2012 as a result of complaints that she prescribed more than 8,000 prescriptions in 2012 for 3,489 patients in the previous year, with more than 95 percent receiving oxycodone.

According to the state's complaint, the Clark County Wellness Center did not accept payment from private insurance companies or government entitlement programs, and instead operated as a "cash-only" business.

Marlow recently pleaded guilty to criminal charges in federal court for prescribing controlled substances outside of what was considered medically appropriate.

"This case is part of a statewide effort to crack down on physicians and pain clinics that are operating outside the boundaries of state law and appropriate medical practice," said Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller in the news release. "Today's action by the Medical Licensing Board is welcomed as we continue our work to protect Hoosier patients and stop misuse and abuse of addictive controlled substances."

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