LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- The National Weather Service confirms an EF2 tornado touched down just before 10:30 Wednesday night in Larue County, Kentucky.

The storm flattened Rock Brothers Dairy Farm that sits southeast of Elizabethtown, near Hodgenville.

"We've been milking cows here since 1980 so we've had some strong winds but we've never had a tornado until last night," Mark Rock with Rock Brothers Dairy told WDRB.

Mark Rock and his brother Gary lost several structures, mostly barns they built by hand.

"We built all these structures over the years. It's not good to wake up and see it but you have to keep moving. When you have a dairy farm and barns go like this you have to take a second look and say hey do I want to do this again?" said Rock.

Rock says if they do decide to rebuild, it'll be like starting from scratch.

"It's just tough to rebuild after something like this. You have to really want to do it. We've got barns down. We've got house damages. I'll just be curious to see how much we want to rebuild and how much we don't," he said.

They had 120 dairy cows at the farm. A good amount had to be relocated right away in order to save their milk while others weren't as lucky.

A few that got trapped inside a barn were injured and had to be put down.

Larue County Sheriff Merle Edlin came out right after the storm hit.

"The deputies called to let me know and I came out and stayed out until about 3 and surveyed the property and made sure no one was injured that hadn't been taken care of," said Edlin.

He says the dairy farm seems to have the worst damage in the county but others were also affected.

"The farm just a half mile from here lost several buildings, lost a grain bin, another up the road lost a silo," he said.

NWS officials believe the tornado traveled 7 miles.

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