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Jeffersonville businessman pushes for lower speed limit on busy road

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JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A Jeffersonville businessman is pushing to have the speed limit reduced along what he believes is a dangerous stretch of highway.  He says as development speeds up, traffic may need to slow down.

The stretch of Highway 62 used to be a fairly quiet road between Jeffersonville and Charlestown, but it's an area that is growing fast.  That big new growth has meant big new problems with traffic.

When Matt Keller moved his lighting business to Highway 62 ten years ago, it was still a country road.  "When we first moved out here, we were pretty much it," said Keller.

But with new development in the area, especially at the River Ridge Industrial Park, traffic has exploded.  Keller says, "Someone's going to get killed down here. At this intersection, they blow through that light. The semis come barreling at through at 55 miles an hour. Something needs to be done."

Keller believes reducing the speed limit along this part of Highway 62 from 55 miles-an-hour to 45 would help. But so far, between the various levels of government, his efforts have hit roadblocks.

"Trying to get the city, the state, someone just to put up a couple of signs," said Keller.

"That can be taken care of within a week," replies Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore.  Moore tells WDRB News there are conflicting jurisdictions, but that he can and will put up new speed limit signs.  "To me, that's a Band-aid approach. Happy to do it. But that's not going to fix our problem," he said.

Moore says the larger issue is infrastructure. Highway 62 needs a major redesign, and the problem will only get worse after the East End Bridge is finished in 2016.  "I need some help. And that's why I've reached out to the state and asked for some assistance here," said Moore.

Moore believes the state will step in with funding and expertise. But in the meantime, he will try to slow down the traffic.  Keller says he's pleased. But will believe it when he sees it.  "It's been 55 out here for years when there was nothing out here [but] country and farms. It's not changed. It needs to change with the times," said Keller.

Even Keller admits lowering the speed limit will not solve all the problems here. But he says it's at least a start.

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