Paoli, In (WDRB) -- Thousands of adventurists flock to Paoli Peaks in the winter but what happens at the slopes when there's no snow?

WDRB visited to find out what happens when all that white stuff melts.

It's the image of Paoli Peaks we're all used to: people bundled from head to toe, ready to take on the snow-covered hills.

What's it look like right now? Nothing but grass and an empty lodge.

"Our biggest portion is our maintenance here during the summer. They take care of everything then we have the general manager and then two other people, our accountant, myself and that's about it," said Lauren Grenier, director of marketing and administration at Paoli.

There are 12 staff members at Paoli during the summer.

There are nearly 400 in the winter.

Grenier says the first thing they do each summer is take all the chairs down off the lifts.

"Not all ski resorts do this. We do. We believe it prolongs the life of primarily the cable. There's no reason for them to be hanging there all summer long," she said.

Then they have to be painted.

"That's a long, hot job our maintenance guys take care of," said Grenier.

They're also inspected.

"They go through a rigorous examination to make sure everything is up to par and that there's no new parts or anything that needs to be replaced," she told WDRB.

When the snow is gone, it also reveals the "treasures" left behind by guests.

"We find random stuff. We find wallets, we find cell phones. But then we get like bottle openers. We find cantines," Grenier said.

And good news for those of you who've lost your car keys on the slopes before.

Chances are, they're in the lost and found ready for you to claim them.

"We get tons of car keys. I have gallon bags of car keys from each season that we're never able to give back," Grenier told WDRB.

Grenier says maintenance alone keeps them very busy during the summer but it's opening day they look forward to the most.

"We can't wait until we can get into our snow clothes again and be all bundled up," she said.

Maintenance work will continue throughout the summer and fall and Paoli Peaks plans to be open by mid December.

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