LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A 13-year-old boy has died at Kosair Children's Hospital after he was struck by a falling tree limb during a severe thunderstorm Wednesday afternoon.

A hospital spokeswoman says the boy passed away last night. That boy has since been identified as Zackery Wayne Foree.

The family has asked the media and public to respect their privacy.

Zackery Foree was rushed to Baptist East Hospital in an LMPD squad car, then taken by ambulance to Kosair Children's Hospital in downtown Louisville, and officials say he was only a few feet from home when the tree came crashing down on him on Deerfield Lane in Windy Hills around 4 p.m. Wednesday during a severe thunderstorm.

Police say Zackery was riding a scooter in his neighborhood with other children when they were caught in the storm.

"There were a few others with him that were right there and all of a sudden he was gone," said LMPD spokeswoman Carey Klain.

"The little boy was calling for help but it was raining so bad, nobody could hear," neighbor Mohamad Moghimi told WDRB.

Moghimi lives just one house down.

Mohamad was one of three people who ran to the boy's aid.

"Me, his father and another guy joined us. Just to give enough lift to push the boy," he said.

It took all three men to lift the tree off the boy.


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