LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---More than 100 people attended a rally on Sunday evening to show support for Trayvon Martin.

They say Saturday's "not guilty" verdict for George Zimmerman was disappointing.

Many people gathered at the Braden Center on Sunday, where everyone had a chance to speak out about Saturday's verdict, and the death of the Florida teenager.

"This has brought the worst out in people. I have seen everything from people trying to say whatever they can to downplay the fact a child has been murdered and his killer walked free," says Shevonda Fuller.

This event was not a protest, but rather a peaceful rally.

Many people held signs and banners calling for racial justice.

The group called Connected Voices wants to let the community know about an event this week, in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict.

They say they plan to hold a balloon release at Waterfront Park this Wednesday at 7 p.m. remember Martin.  

"To the people out there that may be hurt, who may be angry, I just want you to know there's a productive way to release your anger or to release your pain," says Theresa Thomas with Connected Voices.

They say this is a therapeutic way to vent in a peaceful way about the verdict.  

They're encouraging the community to come together for this event.

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