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The Home Depot guys show us how to safely get rid of tree stumps

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Scott Krueger from the Home Depot stopped by to talk about stump removal. Sometimes it is a matter of getting trees out of the yard and sometimes it is stumps that are already in the way of landscaping.

"We have a couple of really easy ways to do this," says Krueger, "So, the first way will be stump out. And all stump out is, we drill holes and we drill a lot of holes."

Krueger says Stump out works on large tree stumps. First you drill holes in the stump and hack it up. Pour stump out into those holes and fill it with water. After four to five weeks, you can put a bit of kerosene in the holes and ignite the system. Remember, check with your local ordinances to see if it's legal to burn yard waste.

A tree stump removal machine is a quicker way to get rid of a stump. Krueger says the wheels lock in position and you can slowly pivot and turn the stump into mulch. You can rent a tree stump removal machine at the Home Depot.

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