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POV: Justice Isn't Always What You Want (7/16/13)

Many people, upset with the outcome of the Trayvon Martin murder case, are loudly insisting, "We Want Justice!"

But is justice really what they want?

The Florida prosecutors had all the resources of the state at their disposal to come up with evidence that would prove George Zimmerman guilty. The jury, which was chosen by both sides, then considered all testimony from both sides. They then agreed unanimously that guilt wasn't sufficiently proven, and Mr. Zimmerman was acquitted.

That's how justice works in America.

Sure, sometimes innocent people are convicted. And the guilty sometimes walk.

But while it's not always a perfect system, that doesn't mean it's corrupt. 

Maybe in this case the defense just had more hard evidence with which to work.  Perhaps the prosecutors weren't as skilled as their opponents.  And I'll wager most people not involved with the case probably aren't familiar enough with Florida's "Stand your Ground" law to know whether it does, indeed, provide a legal justification for Mr. Zimmerman's actions. 

Trayvon Martin's family and supporters did have their day in court.  They did get justice.  They just didn't get the outcome they wanted. 

Perhaps it wasn't justice the demonstrators wanted.  Perhaps what they really wanted was nothing less than a guilty verdict. And that's a very different thing.

Please call and share your thoughts.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.


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