LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are encouraging people visiting Rough River Lake to take precautions.

"This is just to make visitors aware that we do have an algae bloom present in the lake," says Diane Stratton, Park Manager with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Signs are being posted at areas around the lake, letting people know what officials with the Army Corps of Engineers recently found.

"Blue-green algae toxins were at about 100,000 milligrams per liter," says Diane Stratton.

Diane Stratton says, at that level, they have to take action.

All fresh water lakes have the blue-green algae, but a nutrient overload, can cause the harmful algal blooms.

This is the first time Stratton says they've encountered it.

"That comes from agricultural runoff, untreated human waste, animal waste that gets into the  lakes, so there's several factors that can cause that algae to really bloom all at once," Stratton says.

It's capable of producing toxins that can be harmful to animals, small children, and people will illnesses.

It can lead to vomiting, a rash, and gastrointestinal problems.

Officials say it's still okay to be in the water. They just encourage you to take a shower when you get out.

They also say to avoid letting your animals from drinking the water. They say, the algae can attach to the animals, and can also make them sick when they self-clean, so it is safer to keep them out of the water altogether.

In the meantime, they're making people aware of the possible health effects.

"Yes...we'll take a shower before we leave. I sure don't want to get sick from the algae," says Ken Decker, who was enjoying Rough River Lake on Wednesday.

"We'll just take the extra precaution and go with it and hopefully everything will work out," says Whitney Ferguson of Russellville.

Officials say if you are fishing at the lake, they encourage you to remove fish skin and organs before cooking.

The U.S. Corps of Engineers says Rough River Lake provides water to local water/utility companies. They say the companies have been notified of the algal blooms, and people should contact your utility office if you have concerns.

Last month it was announced that Taylorsville Lake was also dealing with similar algae problems.

Meanwhile, to see the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Facebook page for Rough River Lake, click here.

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