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POV: Olympic Boycott Would be a Bad Idea (7/18/13)

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I've already said I consider Edward Snowden a traitor for leaking classified American documents.  But South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has now suggested that America should boycott the upcoming 2014 Olympic Games scheduled to be held in Sochi, Russia, if the Russians grant Snowden the asylum he's seeking from them.  This is a gross overreaction.

Such a move would be in direct contradiction to the Olympic spirit.  Since 1896, the Olympic Games have provided a respite from geo-political tensions by allowing the finest athletes from all countries to compete against each other despite their political differences. 

America's boycott of Moscow's 1980 Games -- in protest of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan -- was an ineffectual temper tantrum that only harmed our athletes.  And the Soviets' revenge boycott of the '84 Games in Los Angeles was equally petty. How many times must this happen before the whole concept is damaged beyond repair?

Graham justifies his suggestion by pointing out that Russia is responsible for enabling Iran's nuclear program, threatening Israel and supporting Bashar Assad in Syria. No argument there. But these things have nothing to do with the Olympics. Why throw away a great bridge of goodwill and understanding at a time when we really need it?

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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