LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Going nowhere fast. That's the story for drivers lately and there's more of it to come.

Inspections on the Kennedy Bridge are the reasons behind the delays.

Officials say to expect more closures this weekend but if you find yourself stuck in traffic, you're asked to remember it's all going to be worth it in the end.

"I've sat in traffic probably two hours total all day long with 65 and 64 coming down here. It's been rough trying to get where you need to be on time," said Eric Mcewen.

WDRB found Mcewen when he was literally stuck in traffic during rush hour on Friday.

How's he working around it?

"I'm apologizing a lot to a lot of people. That's essentially what it is. I'm having to call and say I'll be there when I can," said Mcewen.

Crews are doing inspections on the Kennedy now for work that will happen in the future.

"We'll have the right two lanes closed over the weekend. At times, it's possible they could take a third lane of the Kennedy on I-65 N for that inspection work," said Mindy Peterson, spokesperson for the Bridges Project-Downtown Crossing.

That means the July 19th weekend, at times, there could only be one lane open on the Kennedy Bridge.

But come 5am on Monday, July 22, only the right lane will be closed.

"We want to keep that traffic moving so we're always keeping an eye on things. If adjustments need to be made, we're going to make those adjustments," said Peterson.

WDRB forced themselves into rush hour traffic to see how long it would take. They got on I-71 at Zorn Avenue and headed downtown. They inched along and a commute that would normally only take a few minutes took 15.

So how will drivers work around the closures?

"I'd rather take 65 but if not, I'll take other exits, others routes," said Ken Pagano, a Louisville driver.

Most we talked to say all we can do is practice patience.

"I've heard a lot about these bridges and project and I'm ready for it to be done. At least I know whatever traffic jams we may have, I know that there's going to be an end in sight," said Pagano.

Officials say it's important you prepare for these delays before you hit the road.

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